Zip! Zap!

The small spot on my cheek that my PCP had frozen off had returned. Being frustrated with the PCP’s office, I opted to make an appointment with the dermatologist. It still required a three week wait, but I preferred to avoid the PCP who also required a three week wait. Meanwhile, I had a couple of those irritating dry spots that I was treating with hydrocortisone cream with minimal results.

The PA remembered me although it had been three years since I had been in the office. She is an energetic, personable, and enviably beautiful woman who makes you glad you came to see her. My age spots would have glowed in her flawless complexion.

She did the full body scan, identifying a couple of spots to be addressed and confirming that at least one of the dry spots looked precancerous. Then she got to work with her nitrogen gun, zipping and zapping her way around my body. Within a day I recalled my childhood bout with measles as I inspected the red spots here and there.

The PA also scraped a biopsy of the aforementioned growth. I have yet to get the results, and she thought it was simply an enlarged oil gland, but we will see. I have had basal cell carcinoma on my face before, which seems common here in Arizona.

I love the liquid nitrogen gun. It makes easy work of those annoying skin irritations that don’t respond to topical treatments. My brother in California would invite his dermatologist neighbor over to “shoot” Mom when she visited. I wonder if I can get one for myself at home. Probably not a good idea. I could shoot my eye out.


Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.