Who is up for some fun?

My aging body never lets me forget that time is running out. If I don’t try new experiences now, I may never have another chance.

First the houses

The house numbers displayed the years of my and my sister’s births, 1950 and 1954, respectively. One building modeled the tradition of the Chicago bungalow, the other a modern expression of condo life. I could not find a better illustration of the cultural evolution of the early 50s.

Then, the shops

Sadly, my phone was buried too deeply for me to access to capture another social statement that caught my eye as we drove through the north side of Chicago: two juxtaposed businesses remarkable for their contrasting products. Unsure how Mike would react when told that I wanted to check out the pole dance studio, I did not request a drive around. On the other hand, he may have been happy to accommodate.

What a great combination

Located on busy Clark Street in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago, Pole Appeal and Molly’s Cupcakes occupy adjacent units and cater to the local taste. I admit I was intrigued. Pole exercises? What better way to earn the calories for a cupcake? Perhaps some carb loading prior to exercise would also be useful. You know, build up my energy.

What to wear?

Pole Appeal offers fitness exercises using pole dancing techniques, which, to be honest, I have always thought would be great exercise. I haven’t checked the dress requirement. Considering that Olympic women volleyball players must wear bikinis (really?!), I can only imagine the suggested apparel in Pole Appeal. The dress code might be amended if a bunch of us Silver Sneaker types show up in black leather and lace thongs deeply embedded between our glutes.

Is there a locker room at Pole Appeal? Assuming that I don’t fall off my 4” heels and break a hip or tear a meniscus, perhaps a robe would be adequate to run next door for my post workout cupcake.

I fit right in

It is likely that no one would give me a second look in a city accustomed to unconventional sights. One learns to marvel at and then look past the unique hair styles, clothes ranging from grungy to elegant cross-dressing, jewelry as simple as a pair of earrings to a face covered in metal ruling out an MRI. The eclecticism is part of the charm.

It is a relief to be in a city filled with a variety of ages, races, styles. I don’t judge them. They don’t judge me. My dress or, more frequently, my utterances might embarrass my kids, but I control the inheritance.

Now or never

My aging body never lets me forget that time is running out. If I don’t try new experiences now, I may never have another chance.

I think it would be fun! Who is up for pole dancing?

Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.

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  1. Sounds like a lot of work,! Maybe I’ll ask my fitness class instructor to include some of this in our next workout!

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