Who are you and what have you done with Blue Boy?

ED was out of town for work. Guiltily acknowledging that the boys needed a decent meal, I decided to cook. Family meals which were at one time produced with little consciousness now require my full attention. ED is the master chef, and although she might argue otherwise, the kitchen is her domain. Where is the dill? How do you cook a potato? More importantly, what will the boys eat?

The meal was prepared, table set, and family called to the table. The boys responded cheerfully that they were on their way. The food was consumed (really?!), there was conversation and laughter. As Blue Boy left the table, he thanked me for dinner.

Sullen teenage Blue Boy has gone into hiding. He seems to be enjoying high school. He responds immediately when questioned, completes tasks and homework with little prompting. He jokes with us and converses in full sentences. The refining of his personality is, to be honest, a little unnerving.

Our son C-boy occupied his bedroom in his teen years with closed curtains and dark navy walls reflecting no light. Noticing brightness in his room one morning, I entered to turn off the television only to find the curtains open! It was as if he had emerged from a cocoon.

Busy with careers, houses, and family needs, it is easy to miss subtle changes in the personalities of our children. We just offer prayers of thanksgiving when they reach adulthood unscathed and independent and marvel that they got there. In our current household, ED is the parent and we are the grandparents giving us the luxury of observing and appreciating those subtle changes. That is truly a blessing.

Note: Not to be outdone, Mowgli has decided to adopt the teenage surliness. Well, it won’t be forever.

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