Where’s the Goldfish?

Mike and I were invited to join my big bro and his wife at their cabin near Flagstaff for a few days. Because my schedule was tight, sister-in-law offered to provide meals and I would bring snacks and appetizers.

In years past, I could raid the refrigerator and pantry, pulling out snacks, produce, cheese and sausage, crackers, cereal wine with no thought other than will it fit in the cooler? As I was clearing the pantry this time, though, I questioned every decision: is Mowgli still eating the goldfish crackers? (Hadn’t seen that for a few days). Will ED look for the cheese for a light supper?  (She did). Now that Blue Boy is drinking iced tea, do I need to make another pitcher? (I didn’t.) Is this the special wine ED was saving? (Too bad).

We had a great time in the hills, hiking, relaxing, reading, eating good food and enjoying fine drinks. Upon returning home, though, I learned that the goldfish crackers and the cheese were missed. Blue Boy had learned to make iced tea.

Sharing a household requires continued consciousness of others’ needs and desires. I am thankful that ED and boys understand this. Light ribbing was exchanged but no harsh words. The grocery story is three blocks away and no one was starving.

Maybe I should keep extra goldfish crackers on hand.

Is there anything that you really don’t like to share?



Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.