Where’s Grandma?

I sometimes wonder what this multigenerational arrangement will mean to the boys as they look back on it. Does familiarity breed complacency?

Sunday mornings find me providing piano music prior to worship at our church. ED and the boys enter the sanctuary and pass behind me within touching distance as they make their way to their seats.  Once a month I take the day off, often leaving town with Mike to “run away from home”.  On one of my Sundays off, in the middle of the service, Mowgli turned toward the organ and, dismayed to see the substitute, asked his mother “Where’s Grandma?” Perplexed, she reminded him that we had been gone for three days! Blue Boy remarked pensively that he had wondered where we were.  (We are sure to say good-bye before leaving.)

As a child I wanted the grandparents portrayed on TV and in books, although some of my friends who had grandparents seemed annoyed when they had to visit or entertain them. Living full-time with grandsons is the new norm for us and consequently, living full-time with grandparents is now the norm for the boys. Luckily, we all get along. I appreciate that we can live with them as grandparents and not, like many of our friends, as adoptive parents. We can hand the tough situations over to ED.

But I long for a relationship that is as special to each of the boys as it is to me.

I look forward to your comments on your relationship with grandparents or grandchildren. Does the storybook version of grandparents exist?

Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.

2 thoughts on “Where’s Grandma?”

  1. Your grandsons are especially lucky. My grandparents died when I was very young. But my kids got the benefit of knowing all their grandparents who, although didn’t live with us, we’re extremely close. My son and my Mom could talk forever about the Suns. Mom was not a sports fan before but became one so they could have that connection. All 4 grandparents were at every event and important milestone. As adults, both my children have the BEST memories of their grandparents. ????????????????

    1. I grew up with one grandparent. It happened to be my Dad’s mother, Alice. I have great memories of her as I was the first grandchild. She taught me how to sew, play the piano and how to be strong. Her husband died very suddenly of a brain annuerism. I was 39 when she passed away. While I lived 180 miles away; I went back often to see her.

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