Where are the whisks?

The annual kitchen deep cleaning was due. Having missed it last year, I was motivated to complete it this year. The intent is not only to remove dirt but to inventory and reorganize what we own.

I recall my mother using one whisk, an old style with the spiral metal cup=shaped whisk which was fun to bounce through raw eggs. I had one or two medium sized whisks, but now the drawer of small utensils boasted four miniature whisks. Why does a family need four? So I removed two. Within hours ED berated me for discarding the whisks, explaining not so patiently that the boys and their friends use them to stir their hot chocolate. Stupid me; I had always used a spoon. So the two whisks were returned to the drawer.

Hearing my plight, my good friend gave me my own mini-whisk for my birthday. I do think we are well-supplied.

I really don’t care how many whisks we have if they are used. The situation points to the greater issue of sharing a kitchen which, because of the heavy usage and many contents, requires more tolerance than the rest of the house. Because ED is the primary cook, I concede to her regarding supplies. Finding the balance is ongoing, but we should have it mastered when the 15-year flip is completed in 10 years. For now, she checks the give-away box for items, I return or replace them, and she cooks wonderful meals.

Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.

5 thoughts on “Where are the whisks?”

  1. Living with family is always a balancing act. You’re doing great and appreciate you sharing the journey!

  2. What a great idea! Thank ED for me. I also use a spoon to stir my hot chocolate and it never gets mixed up well. I will try a whisk next time.

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