Where are the Crayons?

The other day ED and I tackled the craft/school/office supply cabinet. It had not been organized since we moved in, over four years ago. Alone, I tried to categorize office vs craft but quickly became overwhelmed.

We sorted, tested, tossed, and stored markers, glue, paper, binders, stamping supplies, paints and books, etc. No crayons anywhere.  They had been moved out a few months ago. As we weeded out supplies that the boys no longer need, ED and I recalled earlier stages life. When the children were young we couldn’t wait to move beyond diapers, high chairs, messy tables, toys underfoot. But that meant the baby was growing into a child into an adult and out of our immediate lives.

I am not one to wax melancholy about the past. I have enjoyed the various stages of my children and rejoice that they have all reached adulthood fairly well adjusted. But I relish hugging my great nieces, even changing their diapers and wiping up their messes. I do hope that there is always a child nearby.


Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.

One thought on “Where are the Crayons?”

  1. I feel your pain — I can barely keep my crafts/ paper in order, not to mention ever trying to organize the grandgirl’s supplies… what a messy closet they have.


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