What is this blogging?

When I was a child I kept a journal, loving to write my thoughts. Part of the joy was avoiding the chaos of the not so quiet family which included a non-stop talking mother, a gentle father, and old brother, younger sister and baby brother. We also had a large extended family although the closest I had to grandparents were elderly aunts and uncles, who were actually probably around my current age.

I only recently began to look at blogs and listening to podcasts, driven by being a little lost following retirement, both mine and my husband’s. We aren’t idle, but I will log some of the challenges we have faced in future blogs.

The hardest part: the technology!!! I am relatively computer savvy, but this is nuts! So the development of this site may be slow. So far the best part is putting my thoughts “on paper”. That was always a way to help me think things through.

Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.

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  1. Mary, I think you are off to a wonderful start! You’re bravery in taking on this task, is some of which I had!

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