What Happened to Morning?

Yesterday was a beautiful day in the desert, so Mike and I harnessed dog Jigga and headed out for a short hike. The temperature was almost warm, the sky clear, and the flowers were blooming. Jigga sniffed until she was exhausted. The easy hike and beauty of the desert exhilarated us. I was prepared for a full day of activities and looking forward to starting a new week fresh. Last night, after setting the alarm to awaken me in plenty of time for morning RIPPED, I settled into bed.

The alarm sounded, as set. Turning it off, I lay, as usual, thinking of my day. When I next opened my eyes, it was 1 1/2 hours later and too late to head to class! One of my newer frustrations is that I have lost my morning person drive.

When I was working, I made myself stay in bed until 6:00. I awoke immediately, ready to climb out of bed, get the coffee and begin my day. Mike has always been a night person, beginning wallpapering at 10:00 at night and coming to bed at 2:00 a.m. Since he has retired, I am falling into the habit of later nights and slow mornings. I don’t feel physically or mentally right with this schedule. I find it hard to get going, though, when it is cold and dark and a warm body is next to me. Even tackling the email and catching up on the computer is difficult since my desk is in the bedroom.

The problem of motivation is on-going. I have never been a naturally active person, preferring reading a book, playing music, or writing to physical activity, but I appreciate the benefits of movement. I am looking forward to a short time away from my part-time job. One of my intentions is to get a more natural activity/sleep rhythm for me, which isn’t always easy with the multiple personalities in our household. 

Pruning and feeding the roses alleviated some of my guilt at missing exercise. Tomorrow I WILL get to yoga!

Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.

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  1. I am also a night person and slow morning person. I usually can’t get anything done until late morning or after lunch. When I have a scheduled morning activity and have to set the alarm to get up, I usually end up with a headache by late afternoon. Retiring from work was great. The early mornings were killing me. Most mornings now I just wake up naturally when I’m ready to wake up.

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