Welcome Home.

Returning from five days with ED, sister Jane and two other friends in our nation’s beautiful capital,  I was greeted warmly by Mike. But Jigga the pit bull really knows how to welcome me: restraining herself from jumping on me, her tail wagging into a blur, she bounced and raced around the house looking for her rope to thrash. Reminded me of my nephew Christopher.

I caught up later with Mowgli who was in the midst of full-blown ADD attack and gave me no more than a glance. (Don’t worry, it all resolved.) Blue Boy was a little warmer, offering his version of a 14-year-old boy hug: tilting his head toward my shoulder as I put my arms around him.

Mike had had a full week caring for the boys, supervising the installation of insulation in the house and a change in internet provider. In addition, he completed cleaning and repairing of all the kitchen cabinets, of which there are many. It was my turn.

I had been up since 1:00 AM Arizona time and had planned a refreshing 20 minute Shavasana before relieving Mike of the management of the boys. (ED had remained in DC to present at a professional conference). But plans were thwarted as the boys now numbered three with the addition of an overnight guest. Bedtime was now 9:00.

Early morning Sunday to corral the boys for church. Ah, I will have a 20 minute Shavasana after friend is returned home. Nope, my computer at church refused to behave requiring two hour correction with IT.

I often say that my problems come from my blessings. All my frustrations come from the very things that bless me: loving family, beautiful house, good friends, money to travel, technology. No complaining here.

I am First World privileged and know it. (But I will be glad when ED gets home.)


Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.