We Need the Riordan Mansion.

There is in Flagstaff, AZ, a small state park featuring the home of the Riordan brothers who significantly impacted the development of Flagstaff.  We enjoy taking visitors to tour this unique home. Check it out: https://azstateparks.com/riordan-mansion/

The home is actually a large duplex with mirroring layouts connected by a massive common area. The brothers and their families were obviously very close.

When we were looking for a home to share, I often mused that we needed the Riordan Mansion. A duplex would allow us to be close when ED  needed help with child care but accommodate our different lifestyles.

Alas, there are no such residences in our area. There are also no “flats” as are found in urban areas: multi-story homes with apartments on each floor.

Now that we are actually living together, I realize those homes would not suit our lifestyle anyway. When ED is away overnight or out late, we need to be in the same residence as the boys. And as we get older, we like our own bed and our own bedtime!

It would be nice if a builder would come up with a suitable plan for multi-families. I would be glad to serve as consultant.

Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.

4 thoughts on “We Need the Riordan Mansion.”

  1. Lennar Homes has some models up around Happy Valley and 107th that have a connected but separate living spaces. I agree with Jane, though, you have made great changes to your home to accommodate your situation. Plus your location is ideal!

  2. Always providing insightful thoughts in your writing. We’ll have to check that place out on our next visit to Flagstaff.

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