We Find a Realtor

Continuing the House Hunting saga: See Love It or List It?

Knowing the importance of having a good realtor and lacking access to Hilary and David of “Love It or List It”, I searched online for realtors with listings and sales in our area and a good online presence. I found three and sent messages via their websites, implying that this contract might include three transactions. Within an hour Lou had responded and arranged to meet me at a local Starbucks (what did we do before coffee shops?). Prompt response is a good sign.

My hand-holder.

The question I needed answering was: did a house to accommodate two families exist in our area? I had not found anything online. There were homes with casitas (small outbuildings) or in-law apartments, but nothing for communal sharing. He assured me that we would be able to find something. Then he asked if he could see our house.

Feeling apprehensive, I cautioned him: it was close to the holidays with people moving in an out, decorations scattered, and church music the main focus of my attention.

A few years prior to this, we had begun to prepare for a possible downsize by neutralizing the unused rooms and cleaning out excess stuff. It must have worked because Lou was impressed: he had expected utter chaos.

Lou helps sellers prepare their homes by sending in crews for house cleaning, window washing, and carpet cleaning as well as staging. Since we already used a cleaning service, we were ready to go on that point. Removing the screens (in Arizona they are dark to shade the sun) and cleaning the windows brightened the house. The stager stayed an hour and then declared that there was nothing for her to do. Hey, I watch HGTV!!

Within two weeks we had two offers. Meanwhile we needed to find a house!

To be continued. . .

Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.