We Find a House.

House hunting continued: see Downsize or Resize

The search was on. Realtor Lou (We Find a Realtor) was on task, presenting several possibilities. Few houses included a kitchen to accommodate two cooks (chef and sous), two bedrooms with ensuites in addition to two bedrooms for the boys, private space for each family, a yard with pool and play space, and a large covered patio for outdoor living.

The house with the perfect kitchen and yard was limited in private space and would have added 15 minutes to Mike’s already hour plus commute. We finally settled upon a house which was “underwater” and in foreclosure, not uncommon in our area at the time. It occupied a rather small lot and lacked a pool, but the floor plan was adequate. We submitted an offer at market value per local comps.

After a few days, we learned that the bank had rejected our offer. Further discussion with Lou convinced us that we didn’t really want that house and decided not to pursue it. (A year later it sold for what we had offered.)

One day my sis called to say that a house in her neighborhood had just dropped its listing price bringing it into our price range. I checked it online before driving by the property then calling Lou to arrange a viewing. Sis accompanied me to give feedback as we contemplated how the layout would work. Interestingly, she had helped me find our previous house here in Arizona. Mike always seems to be out of town at those times.

I arranged for daughter to see the house that same day. After much discussion about where to store gift wrapping paper, we agreed to show it to Mike as soon as he returned from a business trip.

On HGTV, realtors and clients meet at trendy coffee shops or bars to discuss their choices. We got together at Jumpstreet Indoor Trampoline Park. And decided to go for it. We offered full price requesting the inclusion of the newer French door refrigerator; and it was accepted. We were going to move!

Author: Mary Cornelius

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