Escaping the Heat, Day 18

July 26, 2022

Squeezing Idaho Falls

Quite impressive.

With blank calendars, we were free to plan our excursions spontaneously. The danger was that it was easy to do nothing. When arriving in Idaho Falls, I Googled activities, selecting the must-sees and possible, logging them into the calendar, moving them around as the days progressed.

Each day I spent time writing, practicing, and watching “Better Call Saul.” The large screen TV sitting in the living room, open to the kitchen and dining area where Mike had his computer, drew Mike into watching Saul with me.

The Museum of Idaho, housed in the former public library, was recommended online and by friends. Although not large, the displays are beautifully presented, recounting history from pre-historic times to present day with several exhibits appropriate for children, keeping us busy for a good two hours. A special display of Genghis Khan was enlightening. The demise of his vast empire made us ponder the future of the USA. All things end.

What is this?!

In a display of kitchen utensils, we came across an unmarked tool that stumped us to its use. We cornered the assistant director on her way out who guessed it was to cut portions from blocks of tea, or possibly for butter. But she really didn’t know. We learned, however, that a good friend of hers just moved to Mesa despite the crazy heat. The director herself was headed to Orlando, Florida for a few days to visit her daughter and grandchildren. The other daughter lives in IDF and announced her intention to remain child-free. Therefore, AD will probably move to Florida when she retires in a few months. Yes, it is humid, but following the afternoon rain, the evenings are beautiful.

Believing that we should support the local economy, we walked a few blocks to our chosen restaurant for the day, the Rib and Chop House. I would guess this was the most upscale eatery in the area. Although the LDS is prominent in IDF, the bar was hopping, and they weren’t serving lemonade. We enjoyed an excellent meal with great service. The Old Fashion rivaled by daughter-in-law’s so I enjoyed a second.

Following dinner, we strolled to the riverfront for that evening’s live music: Folk Celtic Irish acoustic. Although all the music sounded alike after a few ballads and jigs, the quality was excellent making listening pleasant. An hour was just right.

Then home, ice cream, and yes, “Midsomer Murders.” Can’t go to sleep without it.

Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.