Then There’s That.

Most often our multi-generational life goes along smoothly. We have learned to meld our lives together. But having multiple families of multiple ages in the house inevitably leads to occasional unpleasantries.

ED permitted Mowgli to drop out of band at school this year under the condition that he take piano lessons from me. Music is considered an important part of a well-balanced life in this family. I found online a system that I thought would work out: produced by Joseph Hoffman Academy and intended for online learning. Since Mowgli has a basic knowledge of music, I knew we could begin with minor stress. Subconsciously, I probably hoped that he would be the one offspring who became fired up about music.

Usually, the lesson, meant to be short with minimal challenges, goes fairly well. But this week Mowgli was is full ADD mode. After a few minutes of his passive aggressive behavior, I  spewed expletives, threw the computer on the keyboard, and stomped out the door. Not really. I actually just sent him to his room. The next day I asked him to apologize, and we set up a make up lesson for later this week.

I marvel at people who can home-school their children. I have never done it and don’t want to do it. But even teaching my children music was a challenge. (For the most part, they had other teachers).  I had many students who didn’t practice (I was one of those which is what I credit with learning to sight-read), but I could retain my patience with them. My own child coming to a lesson unprepared sent steam boiling out of my ears and eyes.

I couldn’t send Mowgli home and out of sight for a week. Living together means we must come to forgiveness and acceptance fairly quickly. Not a bad lesson for any of us. One hug really helps a lot!

What melts your attitude after an argument?

Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.