The medicine of social interaction

Less than a week of social distancing is straining most of us as we struggle to find meaningful activities to fill our days while sequestered at home. Even within the house, we are careful to maintain space, although no one is being exposed to outsiders. Eager to break the monotony, ED and I planned a virtual experience for our business. The cool weather broke leaving us with a beautiful afternoon to stage the short Facebook Live event.

Deprived of the gym and nagged by a dog excited to get out, our friends walked the mile to our house and joined us in the back yard, six feet distant, of course. Luckily their dog Mac and our pup Luna hit it off right away. Somewhat later, completing their daily walk, Big Bro and his wife also stopped by. We enjoyed wine and cheese and conversation until it was time to seek real food.

Starting the day with virtual worship in our jammies, planning the FB event, and closing with lively and live conversation with friends certainly lifted my spirits. The health risks of loneliness and solitude are well documented. During this pandemic requiring mass isolation, technology is jumping in to help fill the void. Today my family across the country has a date to play the game Psych. People are getting together with Google Hangout, Facebook Live, Houseparty, and many other sites to fulfill the need for socialization. Software designers are validated.

Yesterday was a reminder that there are times to resist my introversion and seek social connections. It paid off with improved mood and sleep and sparked hope for the future.

Stay safe.



Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.