More on the D word

I promised that this would not be a blog about dieting and weight loss. I joke that the advantage of carrying 60 extra pounds is that I don’t need to worry about weight training. But I refuse to give in to frumpiness and pain. Instinctively I feel that losing weight would decrease aches and pain, increase energy, and make clothes easier to find.

Not one to adhere to fad diets (I have tried a few: effects, if any, are short term), I have been ignoring my weight and eating relatively healthily. It helps that I like vegetables and simple foods and avoid traditional fast food. But a recent trip to the doctor revealed that I had gained a couple of pounds. Oops! Wrong direction.

Today I ordered a new plan which I reveal at a later time after review. It is geared toward eating normal foods in a manner to decrease inflammation (today’s buzz word) leading to less pain and weight loss. Has anyone tried anything like this? I would love to hear from you.