More Lessons from the Iberian Peninsula

So many good things to say about Spain and Portugal.

  • 1492 was a very bad year for Spain, plummeting them into hundreds of years of decline. (It was also a bad year for the indigenous Americans for different reasons.)
  • Separation of church and state is a good policy.
  • Franco was a terrible dictator. Is there such thing as a good dictator?
  • The trendy glass shower enclosures that cover only half the shower don’t work.
  • Extra large bath towels are nice.
  • Strictly enforced traffic laws not only decrease fatalities but make driving and walking near streets comfortable.
  • It is fun exploring areas knowing that there are no (or highly controlled) guns nearby.
  • Excellent affordable health care is possible.
  • Learning the opening motif of Vivaldi’s “Autumn” from the Four Seasons on the harmonica does not satisfy my need to make music.
  • One can tire of touring churches, palaces, and religious art.
  • Spain and Portugal have reliable internet service.

Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.