The Grandson Gourmet Diet

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I’m drinking a lot of milk these days.

Preparing to Launch

The boys are rapidly approaching adulthood now 17 and 15 years old. Preparing them for independence, ED has been teaching them cooking skills by having each of them prepare one meal each week during the past several summers. Now traveling extensively for work and wanting to discourage fast food meals, she has them each select meals to order from HelloFresh to prepare while she is on the road.

HelloFresh sends ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes for a simple home-cooked dish. Certainly not a cheap plan, but less expensive and healthier than eating out. Our appetites being relatively small, two main-dishes designed to serve four people are usually more than adequate for the five of us, when ED prepares them.

The Chef is in the Kitchen

Mowgli served us the first meal in this noble endeavor, announcing dinner at 4:30. Oh. Okay. The mouth-watering aroma of sloppy joes greeted me as I entered the kitchen. On the table were four place settings (setting the table is part of the routine), a bag of buns, and a bowl of sloppy joe meat. I retrieved pickles from the refrigerator. Sloppy Joes it is.

Awaking hungry at 2:00 am, I heated a cup of milk to hold me over until morning.

Scheduled for the next meal, Blue Boy confirmed via text (we do a lot of text communication in this household) that he was planning to cook but warned me there were only two servings. I challenged him that two servings could be adequate for the four of us. Peeking in a few minutes later, I noticed two place settings. Grandma, I told you there are only two servings. Well, I guess Mike and I aren’t eating. Epiphany: when ED assists the boys, she prepares side dishes. The boys are strictly one-pot meal cooks. The need for me to get my own pickles for the Sloppy Joes should have been the red flag.

I heated a cup of milk at bedtime to hold me over.

It was fun to observe the boys working together as Blue Boy read recipes and Mowgli prepared the next meal. I checked the milk supply as Mowgli set the table for two.

Lesson learned. Cooking brats and other fixings for the holiday this week, I was careful to prepare enough for leftovers since Mowgli was scheduled to cook the next day.

This could be a new diet plan: the Grandson Meager Gourmet.  

Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.