About Us

I am not a photographer

Immediate Family

My husband Mike and I have been married 49 years. We have three children: Elder Daughter age 49, Younger Daughter age 47, and C-Boy age 34. YD has a Most Beloved Partner. C-Boy gifted  us with Perfect Daughter-in-Law, age 33 followed with the adorable baby LoJ, born in 2021. (Names changed to protect the guilty). Currently YD, MBP, C-Boy, P-DiLand LoJ live in Chicago. Elder Daughter and her two sons, Blue Boy age 17, and Mowgli age 15, share our house and over-size yard.

To be clear

…we share the house. ED is financially independent but single (husband long gone), the arrangement allowing us to help out with carpooling, babysitting on late evenings and when ED travels, and just being grandparents. We also eat well because ED loves to cook.


We have a dog, which astounds close friends who are aware of my impatience with animals. C-Boy’s now deceased American Bulldog Jigga was fostered to ED when he moved to Chicago. The fostering became full-time parenting. During the years, we all fell in love with this remarkable animal. Our hearts were broken when we had to put Jigga down, so Luna, a basset-lab mix, was adopted to be the object of our love. 

And Others

We have plenty of extended family nearby and actually all get along. Pre-Covid, we had an active social life, opening our home frequently for casual entertaining.


This arrangement has many challenges which come from our blessings: a loving, quirky family (isn’t every family quirky?), adequate financial resources, relatively good health, and great friends allowing for many choices and opportunities.