Ready to Close

Papers to buy and sell were signed; it was time to get serious. We began cleaning out and packing in earnest and, in spite of preparing for this move years ahead, found it overwhelming. The seller was in the same frame of mind during the walk-through. That couple who had raised six children in this house stood at the kitchen counter like deer in the headlights exclaiming, “What are we doing?!”

The kids who were storing treasures in our house received pictures via phone to determine if school artwork was destined to become a classic or if it could be tossed, if they even remembered what it was. There were items that no one claimed.

It has been our experience that the unexpected will happen during a major shift. On the day of the walk through for the house we were selling, we awoke to a bulge in the bedroom ceiling indicating a leak. We called our ever-faithful realtor Lou who was able to get contractors in that morning. All we could do was assure the buyer that this was a new and unexpected problem and that we were taking care of it.

ED had decided to rent out her house, with Lou managing it. As we each packed our respective residences, it became apparent that this wasn’t a move: this was a merge, requiring lots of thought as to what we keep and what goes. How many spatulas does one household need?

The merging continues, even five years later.

I think that is another post.

Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.

2 thoughts on “Ready to Close”

  1. This was huge! But with good end results. We found lots of things to toss/ donate/ sell after the tornado forced us to move out and move back into our new house. It was a good purge, and I only missed one thing I had donated… so I got another. Lanny lost more in the storm… tools, lawnmower, fishing gear. And he replaced only part of that. I feel your pain and joy. 🙂

  2. We had a little of that after our daughters divorce. She lived with us inly a month and the kids for 3 1/2. As I sit alone each night I remember the old times when life was hectic and full. You are blessed more than you can know. Enjoy your blessings.

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