Escaping the Heat, Day 39

Tuesday, August 16

Just Another Rainy Day

Rain rain or go away.

The low, gray clouds pressed down against the top of my skull, rendering me sluggish. Two sleepless nights did not help. Anticipating a day of rain, Mike and I jumped in the car for a road trip. First stop, the attractive, cozy Kochi Café for some caffeine and sustenance before heading toward Boulder.

Large slate mountains serve as a backdrop to the town, perhaps inspiring its moniker. The town itself caters to tourists with a pedestrian old town mall encompassed by streets under construction. The Boulder Book Store is conveniently located on a corner with access from the mall and the side street. Mike ran ahead to locate a bathroom, and I entered by the sidestreet discovering an enchanting children’s department. The store reminded me of the Tattered Cover of Denver of years ago, which I could not locate. The old building offered several featuring books and gifts, the odor of weathered wood permeating the creaky staircases. Mike returned relieved and purchased two books on relativity, determined to understand it completely before he croaks. I bought a greeting card for my niece.

We strolled the mall, uninterested in shopping, and headed towards Golden. First, a visit to the public bathroom by the visitor’s center. Oops. It was closed. Luckily, Mike had located a coffeehouse earlier with a back door to exit without making a purchase.

We drove up into the hills and through Chautauqua Park then to Buffalo Bill Overlook. The rain discouraged us from walking to the showman’s grave and dampened our enthusiasm for visiting the museum. We moved on.

Chicago gray was a major reason for our leaving the Midwest. The low-hanging clouds formed by the fluctuating barometric pressure created chronic malaise. The clouds threaten but don’t produce. The air is often cool but very humid. Give me a good thunderstorm and be done with it. Typically Colorado has over 300 sunny days a year. Tuesday was one of the other sixty five.

We located the Bridgewater Grill in Golden, set along a running stream seated indoors to avoid the inclement weather but window-side to enjoy the view. I ordered hot Earl Grey tea with a shot of Jameson on the side. Although I don’t remember what I ate, I do remember that it was delicious, the forgetting and the remembering no doubt influenced by the Jameson.

On the way home, we stopped at Safeway to stock up on snacks and ice cream to top off our supper of sandwiches. Then, a very lazy afternoon binge-watching “Clickbait” which looked familiar, although neither Mike nor I recalled whodunnit. We have taken advantage of the forgetfulness of aging to re-watch quality shows.

I went to bed looking forward to sunshine.  

Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.