The Simpsons or The Waltons? Sharing a house with multiple generations has its rewards but is not without challenges. If you are considering housing sharing with family or friends, this book will guide you in your decision-making and help you prepare for the adaptations you must make.
The wise advice in this book comes from a woman with the lived experience of an empty nester who now shares a house with multiple generations. This book is a must-read for anyone considering house sharing and provides invaluable advice on the rewards and challenges of living with multiple generations.
What’s included in this book:
-Guidance on how to make your house sharing experience successful
-Tips on how to adapt to living with family and friends
Don’t miss out on the valuable insights this book has to offer.
Winner of two literary awards, this book is full of short and uplifting writings by several members of Phoenix area writing groups. I have two entries.
The first anthology produced by the Metro Phoenix Shut Up and Write Meet Up group. I have two entries in this delightful volume.

Round Table Literary Journal published by Hopkinsville Community College included one of my pieces in Volume 56, Spring 2022.