Pomp and Circumstance

Few things bring me to tears as in my younger years. The passing of time has increased my emotional tolerance. But the traditional graduation theme music “Pomp and Circumstance” has me erupting even if I am alone in the car.

Blue Boy graduated eighth grade this past week, leading me to reflect on many other graduations. These milestones bring tears for what is being left behind while celebrating what is to come. I was distraught at YD’s high school graduation for some reason. My own graduate school commencement was a celebration for the entire family. C-boy’s college and PD-i-L’s nursing school graduations were times of joy and relief following much hard work.

My mother lived with us as C-boy finished high school. She enjoyed meeting his friends who treated her with affection and tolerated her compliments: Don’t you boys look cute. Was she reliving years of motherhood as she observed C-boy and his friends? I now appreciate that the commemorations of milestones are reenactments of the many milestones we have experienced with our loved ones. They are important for us to hang onto so that time does not dissipate without our gratitude.

I watched Blue Boy but my heart was with his mother ED, knowing how quickly the coming years will be filled with happiness and sorrow and the passing of time. Tomorrow we will co-host a party to honor Blue Boy and his friend. I will cherish this event knowing that when I blink, he will be out of high school.

Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.

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  1. It’s good to cherish each special moment, and non-special ones too. I just read that you only have 940 Saturdays from the birth of your child until they go off to college… and to make the most of them. It’s sad but life is only so long… until we relax and enjoy our heavenly home. Smile 🙂

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