Please pass the sugar

Mary, Mary!! The cookies call my name. Although the extra-large specialty bakery cookies may be renown for their quality, the cheap generic sandwich cookies satisfy my urge. Thankfully ED does not share my craving for sugar, preferring salty foods, limiting the amount of temptation in the pantry.

It is suggested that, when cutting back on alcohol, one should not cut back on sugar. The body screams for the dopamine release. Go for the sugar initially.

Unlike my mother who did not consider a food a dessert unless it was rich and gooey, I have found that with aging has come a decreased taste for sweets. I enjoy a good chocolate or even a cheap cookie occasionally. Overall, though, decreasing my consumption of sugar over the years has resulted in less tolerance for the taste and effect. I find that I suffer more mouth sores and fatigue when overindulging in sugar. It is more comfortable to avoid it.

It is late afternoon when I think I would like a glass of wine. So I observe my body’s cries: is it frustration, boredom, restlessness? All of these are prevalent during the COVID-19 pandemic. Or am I just ready to niksen? I think of my mother: seven years after her death; her voice no longer nags me but exists as a pleasant memory.

I reached for the cookie, or two. They were very sweet, and I regret my indulgence. A glass of water cleans my palate. It will soon be time for a relaxing glass of wine.

Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.