One more time

C-boy moved out during college leaving a disturbing silence. The great group of friends who had hung out at our house no longer came around and we felt their absence keenly.

Tonight Blue Boy, not a fan of spectator sports, is opting out of attending the high school football game, choosing to host friends for the evening. We are blessed that the kids are enjoyable to have around, and I look forward to listening to their chatter and laughter.

However, my tolerance for noise and chaos, never high, has diminished. I have learned to hide away before it becomes too irritating. I saw this pattern in my mother who loved a good party but became cranky in crowds in her later years, retreating to her room to relieve her back pain and ears.

Mike and I will go out for the evening, not to escape the noise but to enjoy the company of friends. But I look forward to returning home for a dose of youth. We have an advantage as ED gets to deal with the rules and regs; we get to take pleasure in the company of promising young people.   

Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.