My heart is overwhelmed with sadness

The past few weeks have been challenging in a first world kind of way. My dear father-in-law passed away quickly one day, leaving a hole in our hearts and lives. We were comforted by his long, admirable life.

I could never master this position in yoga.

Then Jigga the dog required surgery to remove a growth on her leg. We banded together making accommodations to keep her comfortable and calm as she healed, when suddenly she began limping on the other hind leg. A visit to the vet confirmed the equivalent of an ACL tear. Being informed that without surgery she would never again be able to run, play with her cousin dogs, or take walks, we opted for the surgery in this otherwise healthy dog.

Her recovery went well for about two weeks when a sudden leap in response to the doorbell resulted in a spinal injury. Within several hours when Mike and I were out of town, ED had to make the decision with the vet to put her to sleep. I FaceTimed Jigga wanting to assure her that we had not abandoned her and was touched by her lifting her ear in response. The boys shared her final moments. And we were all devastated.

Pets! Many years ago we had to put down a beloved tiger cat Minette. I am not an animal person, one who is attracted to every beast. I love pets as I love children: individually. Getting attached implies a commitment to love a creature that relies on me for its survival and loves me unconditionally in return. I take the responsibility seriously.

Greatly underestimating Mike’s involvement, I was surprised at his distress at Jigga’s passing. He confessed to losing sleep the night prior when it appeared that she was unwell. And he produced tears when informed of her death.

I do not look forward to our return home. Jigga was the one most excited to meet us, leaping around us relating everything that had gone on in our absence. She assured us that our presence was important, showing agitation if anyone was not at home. She taught us to love animals.

Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.

6 thoughts on “My heart is overwhelmed with sadness”

  1. Jigga was a wonderful part of our family. One of the most unforgettable pets. We have all felt great sadness. I’m not sure how Noel will respond when she finally visits your home. She will be very confused to say the least.

  2. I am so sorry Mary and Mike… I love animals and know they are such a special part of a family. Have peace that she’s at peace and maybe you’ll see her in the next life.
    Love you guys, Diana

  3. Totally understand the loss, our pets were like our children. Their love always giving to us. Deepest sympathy for your loss.

  4. Totally understand the loss, our pets were like our children. Their love always giving to us. Deepest sympathy for your loss. So you at least will keep Jigga in your heart.

  5. It’s painful to lose a pet. They are so special, especially dogs. I feel for you and the kids. ????

  6. My heart goes out to the entire family. Our pets are sometimes they only ones we feel we can count on and they always know when we just need a nuzzle to lift our spirits. I don’t think Jigga ever met a person she didn’t like, and I can’t imagine that there is a person who didn’t feel the same way about her.

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