Mom, Can You. . . ?

Trying to reacclimate to Arizona time and dry weather as well as dealing with added stress in other areas of my life, I have blown off Yoga and RIPPED this week. However, I do feel guilty lying in bed knowing that there is no good excuse for skipping what makes me feel good. All my exercise buddies are out of town, though, leaving my poor self-discipline in charge.

I was grateful to ED for assuaging my guilt the other day when she texted to ask if I could deliver Mowgli’s lunch to school. It was field trip day and in the excitement of her birthday, ED forgot to send lunch. OK, ED wasn’t that excited about the birthday, but Mowgli was getting into it.

One of the reasons we moved in together was for this reason. Needs arise at the last minute, and we are glad to pinch hit. Accompanying the boys to Meet the Teacher, providing transportation for excess equipment, or delivering a last minute lunch is difficult with only one parent. Not only do we get to help ED, but we get to meet the school staff and check out the neighborhood.

ED is always appreciative and never takes advantage of our proximity. But we do remind her, this is why we are here.

Author: Mary Cornelius

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  1. It “takes a village” these days. Loved being the extra pair of hands when our grandkids were young. We joked that I ran Gramma’s taxi service. BTW your work out buddies at the Y miss you!

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