Maybe the elliptical?

The walks through the neighborhood and park restored my spirits but not my muscles. After a short distance, my thighs tightened and the recent knee replacement was uncomfortable, forcing me to abandon, temporarily, the plan to walk daily. After a couple of days of rest, the pain subsided.

YD’s elliptical, acquired following major knee surgery, is set up in a spare bedroom and seems a good second choice to my surgeon’s recommended stationary bike. He also advised avoiding stairs, impossible while living in a basement. However, I have learned to lead with the right and drag up the left.

Determined, I climbed aboard the machine yesterday for a full 1.5 minutes. Hey, I don’t want to overdo. Also, the act was spontaneous leaving me unprepared. It is a known fact that any exercise machine alters time unless accompanied by a book, music, or movie. I am sure this is an axiom from Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

Today I feel good while aware of the lack of controls in the study. Frustrated by an uncomfortable night, I doubled the acetaminophen yesterday morning and wrapped my knee in ace bandage for the day. A little ice and limited walking also helped.

Maybe today I will make two minutes.


Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.

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