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Yesterday some friends asked why I started a blog. As I said in my first post, I have always enjoyed keeping a diary although I have not done so as an adult. I wrote frequently as a child. And I instituted journaling while traveling when the girls were young. Each day someone was responsible for choosing a Bible verse (often comically appropriate). I noted mileage, locations, expenses. Then each day a different person was responsible for the journal entry. Mike, the procrastinating engineer, often waited until the end of the trip to write (which missed the point), his entries being a list of everything we did that day.

The girls often wrote about how bored they were (they were not allowed to use the “b” word out loud). These posts continue to entertain us years later.

I never got into spiritual journaling, preferring meditation.

But my favorite assignments in school included reading, research and writing.

As we were considering this multi-generation/multi-family living arrangement, I naturally Googled to learn from others’ experiences. Most of the searches led to real estate sites and not to people who had actually pursued it. I know this arrangement is unique but not exclusive. My hope is that people who are in like situations or contemplating such a move will come together here to share. This isn’t the easiest arrangement.

I ask that you share this site with anyone who may be anticipating multi-generational/multi-family living. Anyone else in this or a similar situation now?

Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.