Keep moving!

My impatience to heal drives me either to push myself and strain my knee or give up and recline for days at a time. The latter brings physical relief, but darkens my mood as I tire of TV, games, books, and general inability to complete activities. News headlines plunge me further into the depths, and I begin researching a move to Scandinavia.

Having discovered yoga prior to my hip replacement, I do not need convincing of the benefits of movement. I am not talking hot yoga, rather gentle/restorative/yin yoga which slowly leads the body into relaxed stretches. The relief is instantaneous.

Thus, when I am most down, I know to convince myself to start some stretches, either seated or with minimal weight on my left knee. Arm reaches, gentle back bends, forward folds bring instant relief as I sense the rush of blood and awakening of nerves throughout my body. Even so, I must talk myself into it.

And so I am understanding but saddened when I hear of people crippled by pain who have given up, waiting for a fix from the medical community. Now I am all for good medicine, but much pain (not all) can be alleviated with better daily habits. Number one of which is movement.

We all know this, right? So why do we choose cookies/chips over carrots? Wine over herbal tea or even water? Sitting over stretching? We pick up the phone to whine rather than breathing deeply.

The gist of this: if you are in pain, move! If just a little bit. Add some singing which will help with deep breathing and release endorphins.  And encourage your friend on the other end of the phone line to do the same. We are in this together!


Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.