It’s the altitude

Always blame it on the altitude, I advised.

Love Flagstaff!!

We drove north, into the pines of northern Arizona, leaving behind the relentless heat of central Arizona.

Mike and I were able to do some easy walking with friends in Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon as well as Flagstaff. Here is a test: if you think you are fit, take a walk at an elevation 6000 feet higher.

Here is a trick: when you are out of breath, claim that you are stopping for a photo op. And blame any panting on the altitude.

I do not claim to be in great shape; read my blogs. But I can walk a mile or two easily and do some hiking with trekking poles and occasional help from my husband.

So it is always a surprise when I become breathless during a walk downtown Flagstaff.

My friends, unaccustomed to the altitude change, were breathing heavily.

Always blame it on the altitude, I advised. It is so much better than, “I am really out of shape!”

Betty picked up on it right away.

Over the next few days, we never did become acclimated to the altitude.

Okay, maybe I am out of shape.

Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.