Get a cane already!

After a week offloading (the term the doctor used for staying off my leg; brings to mind “dumping”, a medical term having nothing to do with the leg), I noticed a vast improvement in my knee. I would have judged in 95% healed.

On Sunday I headed to church to fulfill some commitments I had made. Although I wasn’t on my feet the entire time, four hours later I amended my earlier assessment to 85% healed; much improved from the previous week but obviously not 100%. Evidently word had gotten out about my doctor’s recommendation to use a cane because several people reminded me of it when I began gimping around the church.

So today I sent Mike to Goodwill. They had a walker but no canes. Luckily Mike didn’t grab the walker with a built in seat, since it belonged to another customer. A call to White Dove Thrift yielded a similar response: they have a walker and a cane with a curved handle which I have at home. The curved handle is hard on my hand; I prefer the ergonomic hand grip.

Our aging congregation provided many opportunities for commiseration yesterday. One thing we all agreed on: we regret not getting medical help earlier. Many of us grew up tolerating illness, not running to the doctor for every discomfort. Our mother had little sympathy for sickness: by the time we complained to her in fear of scolding, we were beyond natural healing.

So we try to tough it out. Unfortunately, these older bodies don’t heal quickly and easily. And we suffer ailments unknown to our younger selves.

Yes, get to the doctor. And use a cane!

I’m off to Walgreen’s.

Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.

2 thoughts on “Get a cane already!”

  1. Hang in there, Mary! George used a walker for a good two months when he was deathly ill and again when he broke a bone in his neck in a car accident (not his faulty)! There are days when I feel like I could use a back brace. BUT, age is a gift denied many and I guess we will just have to get along as best we can and keep taking our vitamins! Love you, cane and all!

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