General update

Encouraged by good weather to get out of the house, Mike and I drove to the Chicago lakeside and walked about 1000 steps on the boardwalk. The light breeze, calm lake, and sounds of people in the park were restorative. Disappointingly, by then my legs had tightened; we completed our outing in the car.

I don’t understand the tightening of the anterior thighs and wonder if my gait is off although I concentrate on it as I walk. Stretching helps relieve it, but rest is the only, albeit temporary, cure. Due to other activity and a viral (not COVID) setback, I haven’t been on the elliptical.

When tackling problems, I try to understand the cause (physiological, anatomical, emotional, spiritual, etc.) and come up with a treatment plan. So my plan is to use the elliptical for short periods followed by yin yoga, twice a day. I had discovered yin yoga with my initial diagnosis of arthritis in the hip and credit it for postponing surgery for a year. Special thanks to Kelly who invited me to yoga with Nick on Mission Beach in San Diego and to Amber Samblin who was my first instructor.

A call to my PT friend (be forewarned, Susan) is pending. Any other ideas?

Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.