Emotional eating

After several days of knee pain when trying to ambulate, I confined myself to the couch, saturating my mind with HGTV (why don’t people just throw out their junk and reorganize?), iPad games, and reading. The arthritic knee is fine with good range of motion and no stiffness until I put weight on it eliciting a sharp pain rated as 8/10. Several doses of Aleve had little effect. Ice and heat had no effect. I am holding out hope for my upcoming ortho appointment.

Meanwhile I succumbed to emotional eating which is rare for me. I am more likely to pour an extra glass of wine when bored or frustrated. But it wasn’t 5:00 anywhere in the U.S. so cookies seemed more appropriate.

I gave up most emotional eating years ago when I realized that the luscious flavor on my tongue was temporary and did not relieve the emotional need whatever it was. Same today: those leftover Christmas cookies were delicious, but my frustration at my physical state remains.

Forcing myself to address the issue, I hobbled around straightening the room, showered and dressed for an upcoming concert, ate a healthy snack, brewed a fresh cup of coffee, and am now writing. Much more therapeutic than cookies. Although I do really like cookies!

Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.