Do You Miss Me?

Mike and I have been traveling the past week, visiting YD, C-boy and P-DiL in the midwest as well as “old” friends. It was great seeing a college roommate whom we haven’t seen in 45 years! Shout out to Washington, IL.

We have visited Presidential museums and libraries (highly recommended) and spent quality adult time in many venues. I have walked barefoot in soft grass (Arizona grass scratches your feet) and worn a jacket. 

But I still miss those boys! Yes, I miss ED too but have been catered to by some excellent cooks so the longing isn’t quite as sharp. But those boys, just knowing that I can’t hug them, tease them, listen to their adolescent logic.

I know when we return home I will look for moments of quiet, but now, I miss you Blue Boy and Mowgli!

Share with me: what do you miss most when away from home?

Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.

One thought on “Do You Miss Me?”

  1. What do I miss most? I know it sounds silly, but homemade meals. I don’t like eating out every all the time, and I rarely travel anywhere somebody cooks for me.

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