Poor self-discipline. I am charged and convicted. Why is it that we can fulfill the duties of a job day after day, but exercise gets laid aside at any inconvenience? I take the blame of poor self-discipline.

Years I ago I envied a neighbor with boundless energy. She worked full-time, took classes, had three growing children, and managed a good marriage and home life. As I crawled to bed at night, I could see her baking cookies or ironing in her kitchen. She told me she couldn’t help herself. I was in awe.

At that time a bewildering and lengthy illness sent my metabolism awry, resulting in boundless energy. I couldn’t stop; what a strange sensation. I didn’t have to force myself to do anything; my body wanted to move! Is this what my neighbor felt all the time? What I could accomplish if this were normal for me!

The metabolism stabilized after only two weeks, crashing me to my normal level. Now with the pain, stiffness, and decreased strength of aging, inactivity is easy to excuse.

So I have been trying to get to yoga, RIPPED, and body conditioning, but Easter intervened. As a church musician, the season is stressful and busy and, for me, a good excuse to blow off exercise. The self-medication of stress eating, wine, and chocolate bunnies results in less than desirable physical state as well as state of mind. HELP!

This week’s resolve: get back to moving! In any shape or form!

Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.

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  1. Love you in all your shapes and sizes, Mary! Don, xt beat yourself up. You have lots of company. I wish you success in your renewed endeavors.

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