Checking In

When I decided to go to graduate school, my girls were teenagers and C-boy was a toddler. To succeed, I made school a priority: knick-knacks were packed away to minimize cleaning, my job was abandoned, our social life was greatly curtailed, my routine was precise. I learned that a major change requires great attention and limited distractions.

After four posts, I decided this may be a good time to review what I am doing, or how I am doing. So far I have attended RIPPED once a week. Other commitments make attendance difficulty. Twice a month I play piano at a memory care center, leaving one other day of the week to attend RIPPED at the YMCA. Granted, I could attend on Tuesday afternoon, but truthfully, lack the drive. I have been attending yoga about twice a week with gentle Noreen (more about her in the future). The classes are fun, I have made new friends and feel great afterwards. Motivation to get out the door is assisted by my family and friends who attend.

I intend to hike at least once a month. Mike and I are leaving tomorrow for a trip to Panama; hopefully it will include some hiking. If not, I will tackle it when we return. Cold weather discouraged me (apologies to victims of the Polar Vortex).

Most recently I posted about monitoring what goes into my mouth. My meals are pretty good and I don’t snack at night. But I did not do well with limiting snacks. It was interesting to note strong triggers leading me to carbs and sugar.

Soon I will be taking time off a short time from my part-time job and other commitments, calling it my Sabbatical. Making even small changes at this age requires great intention. During those few weeks, I intend to develop some routines that incorporate habits to optimize fitness but may also require that I give up other commitments. Call this an experimental retirement.

What fitness habits (physical and emotional) have you been able to maintain?



Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.