Cabin fever

The familiar restlessness came over me as soon as I awoke: cabin fever in March in northern Illinois. Except that I am in Arizona on a sunny day bound by social distancing, a term unknown a few weeks ago but in common use now. Also limited by a torn meniscus, I have spent the day inside binge watching Netflix, checking Facebook posts and messages, and cleaning up my calendar, discarding cancelled classes and appointments. Indulging in more junk food than I have eaten in the last month has filled in a few minutes.

The boys are looking at another week and a half at home due to the COVID-19 virus. A family friend who is an ICU pediatrician/teacher/researcher at Stanford warned her mother to stay away from children. Impossible for us. We need to keep the boys away from their friends for another 10 days, at least? That’s going to be a long time.

My nephew is quarantined at home having been exposed on a business trip and is unable to get tested in spite of a doctor’s prescription. Meanwhile his wife and daughters are distanced at his in-laws in California. The limits of their on-line work become real when involved in global business in countries which are shutting down.

Thankfully we are all relatively calm and trusting anyway, now leading the boys through this crisis by modeling restraint and patience as well as caution. ED declared that they can enjoy the remaining spring break as usual (minus social interactions); next week discipline will resume with some guidance, hopefully, from the schools which are working to accommodate education during this fiasco.

Why is it that we want what is denied? I spend many entire days at home. If the social distancing precautions were lifted this instant, I would remain here. If I were instructed to leave the house I would balk. Restless is the best description for how, and I would guess many of you, feel.

This post serves to give me something to do and keep me away from the chips.

Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.

4 thoughts on “Cabin fever”

  1. I think that is tougher than being alone. I wish you all peace as you adjust to the new normal for awhile. City schools closed here until mid April. My golf trip got canceled and the Disney trip looks iffy. I am looking for someone to ride to New Mexico with me to get a car to Kris. I may just ship it. If you know of a good car shipper let me know.

  2. Today I decided not to lament but enjoy my isolation. Back to sorting through pictures, watching Netflix and Prime, and taking walks.
    By the way you should think about writing for Upper Room. You are gifted.

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