Children growing up in the ’50’s learned that breakfast was important to start the day. Saturday morning cartoons were permeated with messages from cereal companies touting the benefits of a good breakfast integrating cereal. My parents ate breakfast together every morning. We kids would wander to the kitchen before school and consume at least cereal or toast. Skipping breakfast resulted in an agonizing headache for me.

Jump ahead and I marry a man who never eats breakfast. Over the years, my body learned to accommodate a late meal. At one time I tried to diet by eating only when hungry (it worked) and discovered that my body wanted to eat at 10:00 and 3:00. Recently, though, I included breakfast as part of a better fitness plan. Realize, breakfast means yogurt or a piece of toast, not a large hot cooked meal.

Then I come across a study that says that eating breakfast can contribute to difficulty losing weight! What?!!! Okay, so I have been reviewing my breakfast plan. I don’t feel any better eating breakfast when I first get up.  In fact, I notice that in spite of eating when I first arise, I still get hungry at 10:00. Why not wait until I get hungry? So I have decided to eat when I am hungry.

The ability to eat only when hungry and discern what the body is hungry for (Susan Powter?) requires a lot of thought. So the current plan is to begin by eating breakfast when hungry. I will get to the rest of the day later.

Do you eat breakfast because you are hungry, to avoid hunger, bored, or from a sense of duty?


Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.

5 thoughts on “Breakfast”

  1. Hi Mary! I eat a small breakfast in order to take some meds, which in my case, are life saving. I might have cereal or fruit or both, sometimes just a cookie and cup of tea. One day I felt I needed something salty so I ate about 10 olives. I’m not very traditional when it comes to breakfast. I know your mom always made the best breakfasts for me, but I never could and still can’t eat grits.

  2. I am usually hungry in the morning and do always eat breakfest. It is either oatmeal & fruit, yogurt & fruit, or once a week eggs, English muffin and fruit. I’ve read that you need to eat at least 1 hour after you get up to “break the fast” and get your blood sugar regulated. Lately I have been drinking a glass of water when I first get up before I eat anything. I feel good when I do this. I guess it makes up for that long stretch of night when we go without drinking.

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