Back to R.I.P.P.E.D.

After much thought, I have decided to try one fitness “habit” each week; who knows, one may catch.

Following the crazy holiday hiatus, today I returned to the RIPPED class at the Y. It is taught by an unbelievably hyped 50-year-old woman* whom one cannot help but love. The class is a true representation of the bell curve, with me in about the 3rd percentile, but lovely Kelly never rolls her eyes or shakes her head in frustration. (

As an introvert, I prefer to remain at home, reading a good book. Attending classes with friends is almost necessary to draw me out of the house. In addition, there are several people in the class who welcome me when I attend.

My right leg, weakened by arthritis and hip replacement, impedes my balance. Very annoying. The other problem today was tendonitis (self diagnosed) in my right arm. Jigga the dog, in her attempt to protect us from feral cats in the neighborhood, almost pulled it from its socket about five times in the last month as we went out for walks, irritating the old tendonitis.

But the important thing is doing it, at whatever skill level is possible, right?

What prevents you from activities to enhance your physical, emotional, or spiritual fitness? 

*Kelly informed me gently that she is not yet 50.

Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.

2 thoughts on “Back to R.I.P.P.E.D.”

  1. Hi Mary! I love that you are doing this blog. I am also on a Movement journey and have become a better distance runner than I ever was when I was young. In my early adulthood I was really strong and really fast, but only for very short distances. A couple of years ago, I competed in my first 5K and did really well for a 40 something first time 5K runner at about 36 minutes! My knees are prone to pain and weakness to do inherited disease (Osgood-Slaughters, had it since I was about 15). So currently I am going very very slowly with running on treadmill or ground, but absolutely killing it on the elliptical over the 1.5 mi stretch (fastest time currently for a mile on elliptical is 7:36 minutes!)
    The most important lessons I’ve learned on this journey so far is that if you try something and it just doesn’t work for you, don’t force it, just move on to something else. Sometimes I get caught in the mentality that if I drop something, then I’m a “quitter”, and I get down on myself. But I’m learning to just let that stuff go because those kinds of feelings just weigh me down and prevent me from doing all the stuff I really like to do (dancing! Weight lifting! Hiking!) Try to enjoy the amazing things your body can do!

  2. I love that you have created this blog… what a fantastic way to inspire, support, motivate and stay accountable. I loved having you in class today and applaud you participating in such a challenging workout on your fitness quest. I believe the best thing about R.I.P.P.E.D. (aside from how fun it is :)) is that it is truly a workout designed for EVERY BODY. There are many modifications to work around injuries or limitations as well as ways to take it up a notch or two! What a great plan to keep the focus positive and, like Erika states, we should all enjoy the amazing things are bodies can do. I, too, started my fitness journey with a support system (Mom and I started attending the Y and taking classes together when I moved back after college) and I know that has been essential in staying with it. It was great to see all 4 members of your tribe today! Thanks for sharing this blog with me… I look forward to many more awesome posts. ONE NOTE: Big LOL and thank you for your comments about me but I need this go to on the record: I am not 50 yet but it is coming like a runaway train – April!

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