Arizona cabin fever

As I flew home from Hawaii I realized that I most dreaded returning to the heat of Arizona. Summer is just setting in here which means days are hot, albeit dry, with lovely mornings and evenings. My new circadian rhythm calls me to be active during the hottest part of the day. I can recover in the evening after a dip in the pool, but I already anticipate anxiety about the weather to come with nighttime temps near 100. By September I will be ready to head to the mountains.

The heat was never bothersome when I worked full time. I spent the day in an air-conditioned building then endured a few minutes of metal necklace branding and burnt fingertips until my car cooled down for the drive home. A jump in the pool revived me to enjoy the mild evening. Being retired means that I come and go all day, in and out of the heat with little time to cool the car for my short errands. Cabin fever sets in in July.

I moved to Arizona to escape cabin fever in Illinois. Being an introvert, I need close associations to draw me out of the house. Thank you to my friends who keep me going out for yoga and RIPPED.

Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.