Applied algebra

ED was out of town tasking Mike and myself with assuring that the boys got to where they needed to get. Ever organized, ED had made plans for her friend and my sister to transport the boys with us as backup. To no one’s surprise, glitches appeared in the schedule. The movement of people in and out of the house almost required a chart to understand, and my mind naturally formulated a calculation. YD who teaches calculus could probably come up with something more valid but here is my attempt.

Here is the key: F = ED’s friend; D = F’s daughter; H = home; B2 = Blue Boy; B = band; s = my little sis; M = Mowgli; P = pickleball; I = instructor; F = Freddies; Fh = ED’s friend’s husband; S = friend’s son; H1 sis’s house; H2 = friend’s house.

And the formula:

F+D → H (+B2 – D) → B: s → H (+M +D) → P -I → F → H (-M-D) → H1: F+Fh+B2+S → H (-B2 +D) →H2

This is the narrative: ED’s friend and Daughter came to our house to pick up Blue Boy while dropping off her Daughter. She continued to take Blue Boy to band. Meanwhile sister picked up Mowgli and Daughter to take them to Pickleball. When the Instructor failed to appear, they proceeded to supper at Freddies. After they picked up their food, sis dropped them off at Home before going Home herself. Around the same time, Friend and her Husband went to the high school to get Blue Boy and their Son bringing them to our house where they dropped off Blue Boy and picked up their Daughter before going home.

When the doors were locked and lights turned down I counted two adults, two boys, plus a dog so I figured all was well.

My apologies to YD and mathematicians everywhere for this sad representation, but I humbly present this to demonstrate that math is the basis of our life.

Author: Mary Cornelius

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  1. As the Mother-in-law to a graduate with a Master’s in Mathematics; I appreciate the attempt. I know that he will agree that math is the basis of life!

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