A new fitness norm

My hopes were realistically high when I began this blog several months ago. Expecting overall improvement in physical fitness, I was especially frustrated when new disabilities appeared, especially a torn meniscus which will require surgery to repair. Staying focused, I continued physical training with adaptations and was enjoying at a minimum the maintenance of strength. I could never imagine what reality would look like during this COVID-19 outbreak.

I lack the motivation of Martha Stewart in white collar prison. Inconsistently I perform meniscus tear exercises to relieve the pain and increase the strength to prepare for surgery whenever it might take place. A few yoga poses (thank you, Norene), stretches and relaxes joints stiffened by too much sitting but do not tempt me into hour long sessions. Blessed with good weather before the thermometer hit 100 degrees, I was able to move my office outside and drink in the healing qualities of nature’s beauty. Then the temperature spiked (hopefully, temporarily) driving me inside. Yesterday, my younger grandson enticed me into the pool. I have learned to plunge into cold water, steady my breathing, then enjoy! Playing ball games with Mowgli was not only physically innervating but gave me precious moments with my grandson. Climbing out of the pool disappointingly revealed the lack of strength in my legs. Thank you, Mike, for installing the handrail last year. Attempts to walk the perimeter of our large lot resulted in increased stiffness and pain and insomnia. Physical fitness is not enhanced by a diet heavy in carbs and alcohol, my comfort foods.

My fitness goals have changed. If I feel like sleeping, sleep. At a minimum, complete the 5-10 minutes of exercises/yoga. An occasional Down Dog is helpful. When hungry, go for the healthy stuff, but if the Rice Krispie treat finds its way into my mouth, get over it.

There are many things in my life that are not in my control at this time besides lack of movement, physical and social (see Wearenotthewaltons.com). A natural tendency toward melancholy makes it difficult for me to “choose happy”. So I choose kindness.




Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.

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  1. You’ve always been kind, Mary, and you are always happy when I’m with you! Hmmm, what could this mean? Is a visit in order after we are released to live our lives again? That would be awesome!

  2. Oh Mary. Love your writings. This time is tough enough without medical issues! We’re all doing our best. ????

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