Escaping the Heat, Day 42 Friday

Friday, August 19, 2022

Cheap Parking and Other Surprises

A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

On Friday morning we drove 15 minutes out of the tranquil Hale neighborhood to the Colorado State Capitol Building, circling the block several times to locate the public entrance. Parking at a meter on the street, we noted the low cost of parking in the city, our view skewed by Chicago’s high rates.

Unlike Utah which welcomed firearms everywhere, Colorado scanned visitors to the capitol. Thank you. We enjoyed the tour guide’s fascinating and informative narration of the history of the state and the building. Although I joined her in the elevator to access the upper floors, I managed to climb the 100+ steps to the dome. The view was worth the uncomfortable descent and an extra dose of Tylenol.

Determined to find the Tattered Cover Bookstore of my memories, we followed the nice lady on Google maps to a location on Colfax. The modern store was large and inviting but not the captivating shop of my recollections. Neither Mike nor I were in the mood to shop, and the small café in a corner of the first floor offered a limited menu. Tired from the capitol tour, we started walking toward Goosetown in search of lunch. The atmosphere morphed from the business and tourist tone of downtown to blue-collar residential air of Goosetown as the buildings displayed deferred maintenance and graffiti.

The Goosetown Tavern was pleasant in an old tavern style with a long, elegant wood bar at which a few people sipped drinks. We took a seat in a wooden booth next to a window. Fliers covering the walls of the bathroom hinted at a lively nightlife. Not so much at lunch. When I stood to help myself to a glass of water, the friendly bartender, tending bar and waiting tables, finally took notice. Although the menu was limited, the food was unique and delicious. I ordered collard greens and bacon as a side to ribs. Mike reported his sandwich was exceptional. Unable to finish the ribs, I requested a takeout box. Unfortunately the distributor had delivered only one size, much too small for the ribs. Grabbing a second box from the counter, I concocted a temporary fix to get the food home.

It was Friday night, time to find some fun. After locating a rooftop bar to enjoy the perfect evening weather, we headed out the door, running into the house owners Brad and Evan who were entertaining friends. They suggested a couple of places, confessing that they had never heard of Elevated at The Halcyon. We promised to report back.

We did not blend in with the young women bouncing down the street dressed for a night out in close-fitted dresses and spike heels. A young couple in more ordinary attire followed us into the elevator, eager to experience their first time at this bar. The elevator doors opened onto a roofless patio taken up primarily with the bar. The server attempted to seat us at a corner couch before acquiescing to our request for a table. With my back to a wall and Mike’s to the grill, there was no view of the city. Well, that’s a bummer. The decreased flexibility of our aging brains kept us in place, missing our chance to leave as we waited several minutes for service. Perusing the limited menu, we decided to enjoy a drink and then move on. The not very cold white wine was served in a heavy plastic glass, not even stemmed. Mike’s drink was unremarkable. The shock came with the bill: $14 for the wine. This after we had noted the day before that prices of drinks were reasonable in Denver. Not everywhere, I guess.

Now too late for old people to eat without risking acid reflux during the night, we returned home for a light supper, reporting first to Brad the homeowner that Elevated at the Halcyon should be avoided. He recommended Elfive, admitting that it was expensive. It may have been worth it for a one-time experience. It was time for “Midsomer Murders.”

Author: Mary Cornelius

I am an aging woman who writes three blogs.